【Video】4th Kids Motor China Championship 厉害了word孩儿!

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Speaking of extra-curricular activities, to help their kids stand out from others, some parents encourage their children to take part in niche sports games such as hockey, equestrianism and fencing.


Today we’re going to introduce a fresh sport for children---Kids Motor Championship.

今天,Shenzhen Daily就为各位开启一扇新大门,介绍一个偏门竞技运动---少儿摩托车竞标赛。

On Dec. 3, kids trained by NIU International Kids Racing School took part in the 4th Kids Motor China Championship, competing with one another on China’s first motorcycle track for children. The track is located just outside the former terminal of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport.


Loading the pictures might consume a lot of your data, so if you are worried about your phone bill at the end of the month make sure to access WIFI before you load the photos.


Motorcyclists with an average age of 6 dressed up in professional outfits race one another.


During the race, the racers must concentrate on avoiding dangers while dealing with different situations. Also, they need to know how to conserve their energy, to communicate and cooperate with teammates.


Once they put on their helmets and are ready to ride, they are no longer childish any more. What they are showing us is their perseverance, confidence and courage.


As the principal of NIU told Shenzhen Daily in the video, through motorcycle racing the school aims to help kids develop their confidence, patience and focus.


The sport also brings parents especially fathers and their kids closer, as they go through the trials and tribulations of competition together.


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